Context: How to increase sales from your email welcome series

and why the one size fits all process rarely works for email flows

Use What You Already Know

Let's start out with a quick win.

Welcome emails ... it's a good place for us to start.

Consider the scenario. You’re stood in a bicycle store eyeing up the £500 Trek Mountain Bike in Red. Adult size. You’re umm-ing and ahh-ing as the friendly store manager heads over to you to see if you need any help.

At a glance, what does the store manager already know?

  • Colour preference

  • Frame size

  • Brand

  • Price Range

It’s a starting point for a relevant conversation.

 It's context.

Now, you go to any online bike store. You view a similar bike. You register for the discount code or the buyers guide. What happens next?

That’s right, a one size fits all welcome series is distributed your way.

 Isn’t that wrong? Do you do something similar with your own brand?

A welcome series should make use of the data your customer has already presented you. This stuff is trackable. Most of it can be caught by just knowing the referring URL. It’s easy to administer. And yet, we still go with the vanilla ‘Claim your 10% discount code before it expires’ (which it rarely does!) nonsense.

You don’t make it easier for your customers to make their purchase.

What product was your subscriber looking at when they registered for your newsletter or submitted a form to receive your discount code?

Have you seen how many people register but don’t go on to make a purchase? That’s your monthly sales target hit right there! It’s a simple segment you can create in Klaviyo.

Go try this with your best selling product and see how many more you’ll sell. Create a welcome series dedicated to that product. See how the copy you write, the conversation you create, is far easier when you know what you’re writing about.

You’ll shift from the unease and generic nature of the ‘Hey, let me tell you all about us!’ messaging. You’ll present far more relevant customer reviews that mean far more than the ‘quick delivery, great service, yadda yadda’. You’ll sell more products because it’s easier to sell when you know what you’re selling.

And we all like selling more products, don’t we?

Next up we're talking product reviews. See you then.

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