Your customers write the coolest things (that you can't)

so start using your customer voice as your voice

A traditional cheese company hired me to help improve conversion rates. A brand with decades of expertise perfecting the most delicious cheese using time honoured traditions.

And that's pretty much how they pitched their cheese. Made following time honoured traditions. It sounds good right?

So where did I start? I needed to create better.

Not reading the existing copy and putting my 'own slant' on the message, but reading the reviews. 100s of reviews. And I discovered a common thread.

Reading the lengthier reviews, where customers had taken the time to share their own stories, I discovered an emotion bond between 'time honoured tradition' and what that meant to the consumer.

Customers were sharing how the cheese evoked memories from their own childhood. The journey to the shop. The smells. The friendly faces. Their own little history of why cheese mattered to them.

And my client's products inspired those recollections.

And it was those recollections that helped shape how we sold more products. We paid homage to the stories. We retold the stories. We rekindled the memories of new site visitors who were in the market for traditional cheese.

And the traditions of cheesemaking mattered a little more to the older generation. And that generation became our target market. Why? Because the emotional connection between product and customer existed through the stories we shared. Context + Emotion.

So many brands miss this simple trick. Why are Cornish beers so popular in the North? Do they taste better? Maybe. But it's the gentle reminder of summer evenings by the Cornish coast that triggers that desire.

Find your own hook. That blend of emotion + context that unites your product with your customer's own world view. It's a hugely powerful hook to discover.

And that discovery may happen just by reading the words of your customers. Their product reviews. Let your customer do the writing.

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