How to get more product reviews

... ask better questions

Better Reviews = More Sales

Your customer's voice matters. I’d love to let you know the impact of the reviews they leave on your product conversion rate.

I have a/b tested with a range of clients the impact of presenting customer reviews (even if it’s just 5 or 10) versus presenting 0 customer reviews. The difference is significant. Reviews help people make a more informed decision. As consumers ourselves, we understand this. As marketers, it's a quality over quantity approach that works.

How many reviews should you receive for every 100 products sold? More than you’re seeing right now is the answer.

And the reason you don’t see as many reviews as you’d hoped for may come down to a simple consideration for how you collect reviews.

Trustpilot is too generic (plus I really don't like the idea of you not owning your reviews or data). You’re restricted in how you can customise the experience and design. 3rd party collection isn’t the answer. Use a review platform that directly integrates with your own email platform, Hello Junip x Klaviyo. That way you can

  • a/b test messaging and subject lines with ease

  • test the effectiveness of email timings (per product if that works better) eg 7 vs 14 days.

  • tailor the questions you ask based on whether it’s a first time or returning customer. (always great to welcome people back)

  • if you tag correctly, send different messages for gift purchasers versus customers that use your product.

There’s a lot you can be doing to make the review request far more relevant, for more timely and far more successful.

And it doesn’t take much time to setup. Yes, it may require investment in yet another piece of technology, but it’s an investment that pays off quickly.


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