When growth isn't always Linkedin-able

Solid growth rarely makes it to case studies... and that's okay

There’s really nothing special about a client’s monthly revenue figure of £53,987.72.

Especially compared to the LinkedIn agency swagger I’ve witnessed today with emoji fist pumping of 6-figure, 7-figure record monthly revenues…

£53,987.72. A good month, but not their best month.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the numbers.

80% of that revenue is earned through organic and direct channels. That’s the free stuff. No budgets attached. No discount codes. An embarrassingly poor use of email marketing that has “Klaviyo experts” scoffing and promising 2x to 10x growth rates. They politely decline.

It’s a 2-person operation working in a niche clothing retail space. Very little PR opportunity. No GQ awards doled out… this isn’t a sexy market to operate in whatsoever.

However, the owner pays herself a comfortable 6 figure yearly salary. And business grows steadily month on month.

It just works. And it works well.

Operational processes that are continuously fine-tuned. An almost compulsive focus on product-level profit margins. And a bank of market and customer insights. That insight allows them to create high-context landing pages that target ideal customers and rank well on Google. Those pages lead visitors to product pages that then persuade and convert. The simple stuff that just works. Rightly or wrongly, everything else is deemed a distraction.

A conversion rate of 5%? It’s gained on a £140 average basket. Emoji-fist-pump-tastic.

My point is simple. There’s a lot of fanfare in this ecommerce space. Don’t be fooled by the revenue figures spewed out by ad agencies on Linkedin. They don’t tell a fraction of the story. Good growth can occur steadily and organically. It's not Linkedin-post-able, but you know what? That's okay.

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