Own Your Language

that way you don't sound like everybody else


Get stuck in.

Sink in.

Jump on.

Have a gander.

Take a peek.

Go forth and gift.

Dig in.

Take a sniff.

Snuggle up.

Got cosy.

Pull up a chair.

All the phrases above have one single thing in common. They're the call-to-action buttons on the Loaf.com homepage.

What's missing?

Shop Today.

Buy Now.

More Info.

Click Here.

You know, you have been gifted creative freedom to talk to your customers in a way that feels natural. To be descriptive. To make use of the senses. At no time has a sales rep in a store told you to 'shop now' as she walks you across to the sofa she believes will bring your family comfort for years to come.. And yet, the vast majority of online stores stick to the same old same old copy. Why?

Out of all the lessons I've provided you so far this is the most important. That's why I've left it to near the end. You've deserved it. This method of copywriting creates impact. It's a hook. You need a hook.

Trial emotive copy in your emails. Maybe your welcome series? Forget about savings or 'today only' offerings. Think about the words you'd use in real life. The words that offer warmth, that feel human and mirror the feeling your customer will have unboxing your products.

As I say, give it a go. It feels awkward at first to shift from the default. That's okay. It's meant to. With time you'll develop a writing style that feels real, that feels natural. And that is a necessary step to building your brand less ordinary.

Let me know how you get on.

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