My favourite brand less ordinary right now? [February 2024]

Throwing mud at a conventional marketplace

And the winner is...

It’s just so damn intriguing. Admittedly, I’ve never tried the drink (I know… it’s not THAT great then is it?)

10 reasons right off the bat...

  1. They define their product as an ‘alternative to coffee'. That takes guts.

  2. They build content around their core product (recipes as an example).

  3. The navigation is a blessing (even down to using the word MENU and not that stupid hamburger icon we all seem to have adopted without any real reason why)

  4. A dedicated reviews page and using customer reviews throughout the buying process (Social Proof 101)

  5. Humour. ‘What is mud? (Baby, don't hurt me.)’

  6. Conversational. ‘Add a tablespoon to hot water and add whatever you like. Some like it with a little creamer, some honey or even bulletproof. Done? Stir well before enjoying like the legend you are.’

  7. Teaching the ingredients that differentiate the product

  8. Context in the back story that we can all, probably, relate to …’I fell into the commonly held belief that coffee would allow me to do more and do it better. Soon, I was drinking 3 cups of coffee per day and began to experience anxiety, jitters and really poor sleep which led to a variety of other negative side effects.

  9. I’m not hit by 100 popups.

  10. A brand that just oozes confidence

The list goes on. Take a look at and see what they’re doing to make their brand a little less ordinary.

And, no they're not a client. No, I'm not on commission. Yet.

Do let me know if you try it, by the way!

I’ll be sharing my favourite brands on a weekly basis. Not the product, but the brand. Important differential here.

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