There is no secret sauce

...and that's why you should ignore more talk of best practice

Ecommerce growth isn't a tactic. It's not a collection of Klaviyo flows. It's certainly not a discount code. Instead, it's your reward for making what you make matter. Marketing 101.

Let's start out with a quote. It's from Alchemy author Rory Sutherland.

"The point of marketing is to get people who weren’t thinking of buying your product to pay full price for it.

The main role of performance marketing, if we’re being cynical, is to get people who would have bought your product anyway to buy it a bit sooner at a discount".

As marketers we tend to focus on the performance angle. The need for a speedy sale. Using price as a sales driver.

To grow, properly grow (eg. profitably), you want to shift focus away from price.

Hey. This isn't easy. I'm sharing 25 years worth of head scratching on why people click, buy, buy again and do all the wonderful things we ask them in this wonderful world of ecommerce we work in.

12 years as an employee and ecommerce business owner.

13 years as a consultant, teaching and actioning the customer persuasion strategies that fuel real ecommerce growth.

The rules of growth?

The golden ticket? There are no rules. No playbook to follow. No template to download.

I’ve witnessed ugly stores with wonderful conversion  rates and wonderful stores with ugly conversion rates and no repeat business. What works for one, rarely works for another.

That’s a challenge when you make your living helping brands increase sales without simply throwing money into Google and Facebook to buy more on ads.

I rarely walk in with the answer. Sure, there are best practices out there you can follow. They deliver average results. A lot of the real work and real success comes down to you, your business, your product, your customer, the community you build and your skills.

So where do you start? Three key components:

  • being data-informed.

  • being technology-enabled.

  • leading with The Human Touch.

Customer Data.

I'll be sharing with you how to collect customer data that you need to understand and make best use of. Too many marketers face data overwhelm. Even worse, they just use data simply for reporting purposes. We'll use data to get a better understanding of what goes on in the head of your ideal customer. It makes selling a lot easier. It makes retention a lot easier knowing why people buy.

Marketing Technology.

Technology is there to help you personalise your customer's journey. To bring ease to the buying process. And to make your work scaleable. I'll be teaching you a range of tech-enabled techniques as we progress that will pave the way to ecommerce growth.

The Human Touch.

The gold. The words you use are the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. And for many, words are simply overlooked. Which is kinda strange when you consider how relationships are built. Conversation.

And that's the business you're in. The business of building relationships with your customers. So, I'll be taking a look at how you product pages, your landing pages, your newsletters, your review requests... every piece of communication you send that inspires people to take the actions you'd like them to take. Persuasion.

Swiping ideas? How dare you!

A good chunk of subscribers to these lessons are marketing consultants and agencies looking for advice to help with their own work. That’s cool. Honestly, if you can take any pearls of wisdom from my ramblings to help you make life better for your own customers that's cool.

Wonderful. Just make the commission cheque payable to me ;)

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