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How To Make Best Use of Product Imagery

You're probably using Shopify and more likely than not you have an image carousel on your product page. 

Your imagery can and should tell a story. As consumers we already know how imagery captures our attention. Video even more so.

Having run 250+ audits for brands where I've researched customer data and viewed far too many user experience recordings (if you're not using HotJar you should be) to understand the influence of product imagery. Two word summary... it's big. Three words... it's very big.

The majority of brands treat imagery as an after thought. That's dangerous. Even for mega brands there's huge opportunity for growth courtesy of image improvements. Take the recent post by Oliver Bradley at Unilever as one example; 

24% uplift is huge in an ultra competitive marketplace. Consider the improvements you could make with your own brand.

You can get creative using tools such as Canva to easily add background imagery and copy to your imagery.

Think of the carousel as an opportunity to tell the product story. Highlight your differentiators. Highlight customer reviews.

Here's a useful example from Cert on how to make better use of white space to alert viewers to key product summaries;

Good examle of product imagery on a shopify storee

This use of imagery is especially important for mobile viewers where key messaging can often be hidden on small screens.

I'm seeing far too much use of white space. Sure, it may look pleasing on the eye for your desktop users. They're not the majority of your potential customers. When you have screen-wide imagery on the mobile, make best use of that space. Again, get creative and mess around with Canva to see what you can come up with.

Final point. Don't rely upon one single image. This goes for all brands. Clothing, beauty, food... you name it. There's more to do on your image carousel. You've got a story to tell. Use the carousel as a storytelling device. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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