how removing a lot of the Klaviyo blocks will help you resonate better

We all love Klaviyo for our email marketing. Oddly, there are better tools (hello Sendlane.com) on the market, but as an industry we are all in on Klaviyo and that’s no bad thing.

Last week, for a seasonal campaign, we tried something a little different. My client, a fashion brand, kept to the same template for their weekly campaigns for a fair few months.

  • Logo.

  • Nav Bar.

  • Hero Image.

  • Header.

  • Copy.

  • CTA button.

  • More copy.

  • More products.

  • Even more products.

  • A few more images.

  • Friendly sign off.

  • Send.

It was a routine that worked. They could quickly bat out a weekly newsletter in an hour tops. Another box ticked on the weekly to-do list.

The email metrics, however, were on a downward spiral. Open rates, click rates and revenues. No matter what products were placed in the template, no upward shift on the dial.

Are people even reading these damn newsletters?!?!

Erm. No.

Every message felt the same. For the email skimmer (people that open [yay!] but rarely click [boo!]) nothing stood out. It was all just so template.

And that’s what Klaviyo allows you to do with ease.Template.

So, my lesson today, Ian see what happens when you untemplate.

One image. One paragraph. One CTA.

Remove all the other fluff.

I’m pretty sure it will improve your click rate. More clicks, more chance of selling more.

One singular product focus.

Go try it and let me know how you get on.

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